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The Madeline Elizabeth Holistic Healing Fund

Sisters of the Streets is an organization that relies on the direct support of individuals that care about the exploited and their healing process. Whether that be through donations, volunteering, shares, support, or prayers. We created the Madeline Elizabeth Holistic Healing fund in honor of one of our supporters who prefers to stay behind the scenes.  This amazing woman makes an immense and amazing impact in the fight against exploitation. This fund exists to honor her and to provide healing and transformation within this population. Read below to find out more:

What is the Mad-E fund?  

The Madeline Elizabeth Fund specifically supports healing through art, movement & holistic therapy. Funds will be used to support healing and growth through  art therapy, yoga, martial arts, self-protection, dance, acting, cooking, holistic medicine, chiropractic care, and reiki. These services will be provided by donations to the Mad-E Fund:

How will the resources be provided?  

Sisters of the Streets believes in empowerment and transformation through purpose. The Mad-E fund will allow us to provide the following resources: 

  •  Hiring and compensating Lived Experience Experts (survivors of exploitation) for their skills in this field. Many Lived Experience Experts get into the field of holistic healing after leaving their exploitation. These funds would allow us to support LEE in two ways.  By hiring LEE with relevant and valuable knowledge in healing fields and giving other survivors the chance to learn new skills that have already helped others in their position. Mad-E will host events, build groups and sponsor training programs that utilize and teach Holistic Healing skills to other LEE

  • Providing  funding for LEE to find Holistic services in their own communities when their insurance or existing support programs can’t or won’t cover the costs

  • Pay  LEEs who provide training and events offering holistic healing skills to the community.

  • Compensate LEEs for their consulting time so SoS can  learn more about implementing Holistic Healing into our programs and resources

  • Hiring day-care providers who are LEEs to provide child care to those pursuing holistic healing services.

  • Providing holistic healing resources to the children of the LEEs.

  • Providing transportation to and from therapies and or events for the LEE

Why Holistic Healing?  

There are various ways that those impacted by exploitation heal, not everyone takes the “traditional” route of talk or one on one therapy. Some people find great transformation and healing in the holistic approach.  Because holistic methods are non traditional,, there is often minimal funding for them. By providing compensation to those who have taken this route to healing, we can teach these healing methods to others that have been impacted by exploitation.  This ultimately creates a cycle of support, self-sufficiency, and empowerment within the LEE community. Which we believe will assist in the prevention of exploitation as a whole.

A note from woman who inspired this fund :

When I asked her “What is the best thing that comes from the work you do against exploitation?

Relative anonymity; I don’t like standing up in front of crowds and being the face of a cause or an organization. I will if I have to, but I hate it. I like supporting other people and their passions, and I particularly like supporting justice/healing/empowerment focused missions that are authentic because I see how it makes a difference. I don’t do well with public thanks or compliments. Being able to be in the background of things and helping to make things work, just makes me feel more relaxed, less-anxious, and that  the focus is on the cause vs. the person running the show. 

Also, the other reward I get is that I’ve always been justice-focused since I was pretty much born. Seriously, I was standing up to bullies on the playground when I was 4 when I saw my friends being picked on. So, I feel like using my gifts and my talents (which tend to be support focused; letting others know they’re seen and valued, stepping in where others tend not to; fundraising, communications, doing grant work,etc.) is what I’m SUPPOSED to do. So my reward is being personally fulfilled. With or without outside recognition, because the opinion that matters most to me is ultimately the opinion I have of myself.


We want to honor this amazing woman whose support does more than she could ever know! We have created the Madeline Elizabeth (not her real name) fund in her honor.  And we have made her a lifetime honorary partner of Sisters of the Streets. 

Thank you for the support you provide.

Thank you for the heart you have and the messages you send. 

Thank you for rallying supporters to our cause and the cause of those impacted by exploitation in general.

Thank you for being an ally, and a true Sister of the Streets.

We appreciate you!