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Sisters of the Streets mission is to foster hope, love, and freedom from domestic sex trafficking and the adult entertainment industry. Our outreach missions enables our valued Street Team to be the hands and feet of the movement. If you're interested in serving with us, click the button below and submit your information. We will contact you to confirm your date, time and location as well as anything else you may need.

Thank you for choosing to serve with us!


The purpose of "The Purse Project" is to meet people where they are at. Once a month, we take new or gently used purses filled with high quality items (See donation list below) that our Lived Experience Experts feel they could have benefited from while they were involved in the streets,as well as a business card for future connection and resources, along with letters of empowerment-- and we pack them in the purses to head out to the high volume prostitution areas (aka the track or blade) and create community with the ladies and gentlemen out there. The purpose of this is to allow conversation, relationship and trust building, as well as provide items that other wise sometimes cant be obtained by those who need them.

The unique thing about this outreach, is that those distributing the purses have once worked and walked those streets themselves.

Date: December 8th, 2020

Location: San Diego, CA


•feminine wipes
•travel size hair sprays/gels

•makeup (neutral shades)


•foot cushions 

•aloe vera products


•travel size shampoo/conditioner

•gift cards

•hair ties

•pepper spray

•body wash

•makeup bags

•compact mirrors

•mini manicure sets
•body spray
•fast food gift cards

If you would like to partner with us and bring "The Purse Project" to your area or lane of expertise, click below.

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We have created a list of Gift Cards to be included in our Monthly Care Packages that we distribute to those we serve. If you are interested in supporting this ongoing need please find the wish list below. Thank you!