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Every purchase of Sisters of the Streets apparel not only gets the word out about us but also helps another survivor and their family get out and stay out of the sex industry.


About Us:


We are a LIVED EXPERIENCE based organization​.

Our main focus is to create empowerment through encouragement. Sisters of the streets exists to create permanent successful solutions. 


Our purpose is being direct advocates for women and young girls who have experienced domestic sexual exploitation as well as a reliable resource which provides tailored assistance where they need it, when they need it. We're committed to raising awareness by educating society of the harsh realities of "the game" and focusing on educating on the importance of all inclusive solutions to this issue.

With emphasis on all three areas of the issue: (The exploited, the buyer and the exploiter).

Overall, the final goal is to not only help support our peers in getting out of the their exploitive situations but to also continuously support them so they're empowered to stay out.

We believe exploitation is not just an issue for those involved in it, it is an epidemic of humanity.

We are Sisters of the Streets and we are created by those that have lived it for those who are living it.

SOTS Grey Flowy Bella Long-Sleeve Shirt

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