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Jaimee Johnson is an educator and lived experience expert. She has trained over 1500 adults and over 2,000 youth on prevention and awareness on the issues of sex trafficking. Her lived experience along  with her certifications and professional training has equipped her to deliver one-of-a-kind trainings. 

Street Team: Trafficking Street Outreach

This workshop offers an in-depth trauma-informed training for volunteers and everyday individuals seeking to do outreach to youth and adults involved in sex trafficking. During this training participants will learn what to look for and how to thoughtfully and safely engage with potential victims.


Sex Trafficking 101: How It Impacts You & Your Friends

Sex trafficking, also called Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE), is happening all over the United States and very likely in your community. In this workshop, participants will learn about domestic sex trafficking in an urban context. It will offer a contemporary lens on how trafficking plays out both online and on the streets in today’s society. Participants will be equipped to identify sex trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children, and will learn what to do if they suspect it.


Saying No To Re-exploitation

Sex trafficked victims emerge from “the life” with unique traumas and environmental sensitivities. This training is for service providers, program specialists, law enforcement and individuals that service survivors and victims of CSE. It provides an insider’s lens on how to support their healing and development, and how to avoid unknowingly re-traumatizing and exploiting them. 


Experience to Expertise, Surviving to Thriving

There can be life and even thriving after exploitation. This in-depth training is for survivors of sex trafficking and organizations that service them. During this workshop, Jaimee guides participants through a personalized journey to identify the skills they acquired in “the life” that are transferable to new career possibilities. Participants will come out of the training with a greater sense of purpose and hope.  


Let's Get Real

This powerful workshop brings together ten diverse experts with lived experience in familial trafficking, pimp/trafficker controlled trafficking, incarceration and trafficking, modeling trafficking, male trafficking, female trafficking, LGBTQ trafficking and CSEC/Foster System trafficking to share real and personal experiences. This workshop is ideal for service providers, law enforcement, medical staff and community members looking to understand the various forms of trafficking and how to support both victims and perpetrators in “the life”.


Sex Trafficking: How I Used Your Hotels

There are many players in the elicit industry of sexual exploitation; some of them may not even know it. This is a training for hotel owners, managers and staff to recognize when trafficking is happening at their location and what to do about it. During this eye-opening training, Jaimee will utilize her personal experiences to equip hotel staff to protect their business and potentially save someone’s life.


The Beauty in the Struggle

Jaimee Johnson tells her personal story to educate participants ages 12 and older on the journey from victimhood to recovery in urban domestic sex trafficking. During this workshop Jaimee opens up the space for the audience to experience a raw and honest dialogue about the realities of this painful and hopeful survival journey.

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